The best plans are made by many hands.

 Missoula’s Downtown Master Plan is a year-long effort to create a vision and plan for the future of Downtown Missoula. We need your input to ensure the plan reflects the real needs and goals of current residents, future residents and visitors. This website will help you engage with the creation of the plan all along the way. For example, click the link above that says “Join the Conversation” to enter our project site with multiple ways to provide feedback on initial plan concepts. Click the “Events” tab to find out about our public engagement process. And click “Resources” to find summaries of previous plan events and copies of maps and presentations.

Ten years ago, the first ever Downtown Missoula Master Plan set an ambitious path for economic development and prosperity in Downtown Missoula. Due to the tremendous effort and collaboration of the Downtown Missoula Partnership, the City, and many other governmental, non-profit, and business organizations as well as private citizens, that plan was implemented with great success. It’s time to revisit the goals and opportunities available to Downtown Missoula and build another great plan worthy of its unique character and future potential.


Missoula’s Downtown Master Plan is a project of the Downtown Missoula Partnership