is built on a strong foundation of existing plans completed for Missoula, including but not limited to the following.


 Missoula Redevelopment Agency www.ci.missoula.mt.us/mra


City of Missoula Development Services – www.ci.missoula.mt.us/1258/Development-Services

Montana Department of Transportationhttp://www.mdt.mt.gov/pubinvolve/active_projects.shtml


Housing & Community Development - https://ci.missoula.mt.us/2128/Housing-Policy

·       HPSC Recommendations to City Council

·       Making Missoula Home

·       2018 MOR Annual Housing Report

·       Montana Budget and Policy Center Rental Housing Report


Parks, Open Space, Urban Forest

·       Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Spaces Needs Assessment

·       http://www.ci.missoula.mt.us/174/Planning-for-Missoulas-Future - at this link, scroll down, you will find the following Council adopted plans or standards Master Park Plan; Open Space Plan; Urban Forest Plan; Trails info; Design Standards; McCormick Park Master Plan


Economic Studies

·       A Competitive Realities Report and Target Industry Strategy for Missoula, Montana (Missoula Economic Partnership)