The Clark Fork River and the system of parks are an integral part of Downtown Missoula’s identity. People celebrate the river as a place to play, learn, contemplate life, and build community. The North Riverside Parks And Trails Plan will help make tomorrow’s riverfront even more vibrant, accessible, sustainable, and green.

Your help is needed to shape the future of the North Riverside Parks

Please, join us to envision the future of Downtown Missoula’s Caras Park, East Caras Park and Bess Reed Park as part of Missoula’s Downtown Master Plan Update process. Ron’s River Trail, the Clark Fork River, and the remaining parks north of and adjacent to the River will be addressed through parallel planning processes.

North Riverside Parks & Trails Design Workshops


Workshop #1 Thursday, September 19 4:30-6:30 pm

Caras Park Pavilion

(123 Carousel Dr)




Workshop #2
Friday, September 20
12-2 pm
Missoula City Council Chambers

(140 W. Pine)


Free supervised children’s activities for both workshops, including free Carousel rides from 4:30-5:30 pm on Thursday! Potty trained children only, please.